The Issues We Share

Reduce Gun and Drug Violence

We can not stand by while innocent children are killed on the streets of St. Louis by senseless acts of gun violence. We must demand common sense gun laws and work to stem the scourge of drugs and gang violence. As an attorney and former public defender, I have seen first hand the impact of drug violence. I’ll work to eliminate the root causes of crime and hopelessness.

Make Educational Funding a Priority

Public education has been systematically robbed of the full financial resources which were promised our schools. We must provide our children with the best possible education to help prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. We must also work to make sure all who want to attend college have the financial resources to do so.

Rebuild Our Neighborhoods

Dilapidated housing and trash on streets and alleys breeds crime and destroys the fabric of a neighborhood. I will work with Federal, State and local officials to help get the resources we need to repair existing structures that can be saved and remove those which can’t. We must also work together to keep our neighborhoods clean and to rebuild infrastructure.

Attract New Neighborhood Businesses

Access to neighborhood shopping and services will not only be convenient for residents, but provide much needed jobs and economic development. We need more micro-loans and investment in new business start-ups. By helping people realize their dream of starting a business, we also rebuild the fabric of our community.

Expand Access to Medicaid

We have families in Missouri whom the state says are too well off to be on Medicaid, but whom the Federal government says are too poor to be covered under Obama Care. Missouri must expand eligibility for Medicaid and stop dropping coverage for families and children with arbitrary deadlines and overly complex bureaucracy. Doctors and hospitals should have the ability to file for coverage on behalf of Medicaid eligible patients.

Protect Access to Women’s Healthcare

It is a terrible insult to women that the male dominated Republican majority seeks to constantly dictate private health care decisions for them. It is also unconscionable that funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides so many health services for women, should have its funding threatened.

Defend Civil and Voting Rights

My legal experience, defending the rights of clients, will help me to be a strong advocate for protection of our civil rights. I will also defend our most basic voting rights against blatant attempts at voter suppression or intimidation.